WHAT IF the system as it is, with being rigged, is totally perfect as it is

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What we sow so shall we reap. How a man thinketh so he is. So find your highest truth, because that is what you sow, that is who you are.

I like to share this insight with you:

I see what I did the last months and years, I pointed my finger outward. I told many people what was wrong and what needed to change. Now I got this very beautiful insight:  I -and we all- need to go more INSIDE !!!

So I like to share how the big shift can take place for many people in just a little while, when we all contribute our part.

WHAT IF  the system as it is, with being rigged, is totally perfect as it is…

And it is. It is serving the highest purpose for this very moment: It is making you aware of the situation right now. And that is that most people are blaming someone else, or something else, for how rigged they feel, without taking control over their own personal awakening.

Don’t believe the thoughts of the past that pass by. Whoever utters them. Not even my words here on this page. No, go inside and find your own highest truths. And live them. Share them when you want. And let them replace all smaller thoughts and ideas. Take off all your jackets and coats which are too small. De-velope. Don’t let yourself be en-veloped.

Think and believe the highest thoughts you can imagine, and imagine them to be true. Live them as being the truth. And always remember: As a man or woman thinketh so he/she is.

I saw the other day a text that made me write down the basis for this article. Thoughts about enlightenment. Enlightenment is how we called for years the slow proces of one person at the time finding the I Am. Or stepping into Christ Consciousness or Being. And that was my striving for many years. But not anymore. Because all that was written in the past about enlightenment breathed the same atmosphere as the person who wrote down: “Enlightenment can be possible for a few people.” And this guy writes a lot of spiritual articles, has his own website, and he triggerd me. Because this truth is too small for realizing my big dream and wish. It really is too small for getting done the big job I came for on Earth in this rigged time. And I don’t want to believe a thought that is too small anymore. Because only when you believe it “Enlightenment can be possible for a few people” this will be true.


What if you -and everybody else who can see the illusion- take(s) real responsibility for the One life we all live in…

What if you start seeing that the Oneness that used to be only for a few awakened souls is really possible for everybody who wakes up out of the dream…

What if you stop blaming something outside and start taking responsibility for how you think and what you believe…

What if the One Oneness they talk about is really a Oneness and you are part of it…

What if you realize you are already God, or when you are shy: a spark of God…

What if you stop making judgments and live your Godly life and shine your light and love to everybody…

The system is perfect to show you and everybody all about illusion. The system shows you perfectly all the judgements you have.

Some say or think: “How can I gain new skills?” Or you say this “… but I’m not yet there. I have to, I need to learn more.” And what you actually say inside is: I’m not good enough. My dear it is NOW the time that you may let go such a long way of awakening. NOW you may start believing that you are good enough. It is the truth.  (If you are ready and if you believe you are ready.)

Actually: nobody needs to learn anything.

You are God. And you are responsible for living it. For believing it.

Be who you are: I Am

The important thing you should/have to/may do is not to look in the future anymore and not say to yourself (or someone else): you can change or you can make a difference, but: I Am God (now here on this very moment).

Or when you are a bit shy: I am a spark of God. And then realize that every other person and thing and even every situation is the same. The same God. That is to say: there is only oneness.

So why judge yourself -or others- of being something that can’t change quickly (some say: ‘90% that still isn’t awake’ – what a judgement – how you keep the world as it is with your thinking). In my view everybody is and has been always awake. Maybe they were forgotten, maybe they never really thought about it, or maybe they took on a lot of garbage in by being conditioned to be a human. But why blaming yourself or them? Why thinking or telling that you or they should or can make a difference in the future?

Already now at this very moment you are God, if you just realize it. And live it.

Because all is God and all is good.

Stop to be the judge and saying this is right and this is wrong. Stop saying -also behind the sentences you speak out loud- that in some future you can be something.

You Are already. And when you want to experience it, stop denying it and start living it.

In what you say, write, believe yourself to be, or what you think others to be, you make yourself smaller or greater.

Learn to see how you – all of you – all of us – create this uni – verse (this one song) completely in order as how you-we perceive it. Just by acknowledging the very thoughts and believes that someone once told you. So start to correct yourself, start to see which judgements separate you from the one Oneness. Stop adding to the illusion.

In Dutch (I’m from the Netherlands) we have a beautiful word for judgments : oordelen , which I always translate in Oer – delen. ‘Delen’ means separate or split up in parts, and ‘oor’ comes from OER and that word-part you can see as the One source.

So when we make a judgement it is us who is separating the source in different pieces. We split up Oneness in good and bad, nice or not nice, red, green, etc. It doesn’t make a difference how you call something, but as soon as it is a judgement: it is you who is separating yourself of Oneness.


Lets all see our-self and all and everybody else as the Oneness we are. The One God we are.

Lets stop denying that we all shine our pure Godly Light and just shine and love whoever and whatever is out there.

Let’s create the Oneness by being it all-together.

Bless you all, Namasté and In L’Akech