It has been a long time in writing, as I have been going through quite a transition. Once the decision was made to physically move to a new area, it involved leaving much behind…people and situations which I did not expect. But now I am connected again to the internet and to a very new space. And as challenging and sudden as some of these losses were, I am feeling better than I have ever felt before. I feel as if I have arrived in Heaven, so to speak. So apologies for the long time in writing, and now on to the newest energy alert!

Up until November 11, eerie energy was still ever present as we found ourselves in a space of holding…in the eye of the storm as much swirled around us. But with the advent of the portal opening of the 11th, we were then able to connect to the new. These pillars of energy that the eleven holds, always give us the opportunity to access the new, or a higher dimension. An opening occurs and the new then begins to fall into place as well. And as transitions go, this has been a great one indeed.

During this time of eerie energy and feeling as if we were in a very strange space of discomfort with nowhere yet to go and nothing to hold onto, it may have felt as though we were existing in some foreign place of darkness and emptiness, or perhaps a feeling that we were out of our groove and had no idea when or where that new groove would be. We were being held back, as it was not yet time to anchor fully to a higher reality. And as we were vibrating much higher than our current surrounding reality, it created a very uncomfortable state indeed.

There is a logical explanation for this empty, eerie and displaced experience that we have just encountered. And all, as always, is in divine and perfect order. Here is what was, and will still be, occurring (only now we are more safe and sound in our spaces of “new”): There is not much for the older and denser energies to hold onto anymore, so they are basically grasping, fighting each other, and going around in circles in a desperate attempt to find an anchor. Bantering back and forth, they seem to continually say, “I am right and you are wrong,” as they need to find a home where there is none. They do not seem to realize that their home is with each other, and that we are all one at the highest levels.

Something to make sense, they are grasping for. But nothing can really make sense now, as what used to be real is no longer real, as the illusions of the old world are now very obviously illusions.

In this regard, much is breaking apart. Anything that was held together from a space of lower vibrating energy will break apart and cease to exist. Relationships that were being held together from energies not of the highest order will very suddenly end, and much else will seem to disappear into a new and different space.

This is all part of the fall, and it can be very challenging indeed. We can feel as though we are desperately trying to hold onto to something, but we may not know what that something is, as it can no longer exist in a higher vibrating space. During this time, the dimensional hierarchies were ever present. As this latest shift unfolded, things once again went this way and that, according to what they were now a match for and where their new and more perfect matches would now be. Some were not allowed access then, into the new dimension, and some were. But there is always room for new choices and for change, and one never knows what will happen next.

If we can focus on and be involved with anything that vibrates as love, for instance, we will have much of that in our space. My mother and daughter and I speak on the phone nearly every day, as we all live in various parts of the US. For me, this love and support has been my anchor for the past few weeks. It seems to grow and grow, as we are so very committed to each other and what is occurring in each other’s lives. I really wonder at times what I would do without these women whom I love so much, and whom I am so blessed to have love and care about me. It is this higher vibration of love that stays ever present now, and holds so strong. This kind of vibration will always remain intact, no matter what shifting is occurring. It breaks through any barrier and through any dimensional hierarchy.

These energies of late are also creating a great fear of being alone. As so much is unsteady and volatile, we need each other more than ever before, and it can be ironic that so much is leaving when we need to come together. But this is the way of ascension. It is an individual journey for each and every one of us, and we part and come together continuously as we shift and change on a regular basis.

When this eerie and seemingly dark energy was so very present, the fear and uncomfortable feelings of being alone were far more pronounced. At some level, we knew that much was leaving, and having no anchor yet, it could be most unnerving to find ourselves hanging out in a space of no space with nothing to hold onto.

With this new opportunity now before us to finally find our new anchors, things will feel much better. When opportunities arrive, it is usually best to take them. If we choose not to, we can know that more opportunities will always arrive again, if we are not ready now, but as a personal rule, I always want to jump into them when they arrive, even if I am fearful, and I have never been sorry. I suppose it takes a great amount of trust and a good guidance system, but when we surrender to a higher knowledge, we are usually fairly safe.

These new spaces we can now find ourselves in are quite varied indeed. Some souls are living smack in the middle of highly populated areas, and this is right where they need to be. Higher vibrating pockets of energy can exist anywhere…within our homes and even within a very small space in a larger space of lower vibrating energy. If you are one who will be residing in this type of situation, know that you will not be seen by the outside world. If you are vibrating higher, you will be virtually unnoticed and safe, unless you choose to be seen or unless you choose to venture out on a mission of love and service. The dimensional hierarchies always keep us safe and sound, as one cannot venture into a higher vibrating space unless they are vibrating that high themselves. We can always go lower than we vibrate (but not for long), but never higher than we are vibrating. We are not allowed access unless we are truly being that vibration is some way.

Some will have a different situation and reality. The nearest services to me now are about an hour away. Yesterday I ventured out to a larger nearby town in New Mexico to try out a Wal-Mart, for some needed supplies for my new home. I became so discombobulated and rattled, that I could not figure out what I was doing. I ventured around and around in a confused state, lost and scattered, and eventually came home in a very uncentered and unbalanced state. I could not find any healthy food there, nor much of anything else that I needed or which made sense.

All was in perfect order though, as it became evident that I would need to bake my own whole grain bread, and survive on local produce and the like from the many avid growers in my area. All my needs could easily be met here, as I had always known, but this experience really brought this message home. An existence here totally removed from the outside world. As perfect as it was intended to be. All the supports which are needed will be met here, very effortlessly. My old habits of fulfilling my needs from the outside had indeed met a space of “No! No longer…”

So then, the holding pattern and the wait is finally over. We have now been granted full access to a higher dimension, and in the physical as well. In this regard, we can now move forward and more completely reside somewhere.

Here are just a few basic guidelines for a new residency in the higher realms:

We need not step out of our center. This means that we need not “activate” anything, heal any one or any thing, help those who do not ask, save anything, and so forth. It is not our place, nor has it ever been, to save anything or anyone. This type of arrogant meddling has no place now. When we are able to stay in our purpose and passion, in a state of creativity, then everything will arrive for us effortlessly. When we extend or make an effort, we then leave the space of the higher realms. The higher realms is the space of being. When we are moving forward, pushing, or trying to make things happen by using our energy, then the higher realms misses us completely, as we are not available. We cannot be found, even though the door is right there.

Creativity is the mainstay in the higher realms. Life consists of nothing but creating, having compassion and love for those who are still suffering (when we leave a higher realms residency), and embodying a continual state of connection to Source while we are living our lives (not while we are meditating….sorry meditators, but this is how it is in a higher realms reality! J) Creativity is the main focus while being in the higher realms. The compassion experience only exists in the lower vibrating realities, as it is not needed in the higher realms, where there is no suffering. Opening to higher energies through creativity keeps us involved in a world, in a life, and in an on-going reality.

Support is ever present in the higher realms, as those who reside there have transmuted much of their density, and are then able to support each other through creations and purpose, as not everyone will create the same thing or have the same soul purpose. The blockages of lower vibrating energy, or seeing things from mis-perceptions are basically gone to a degree. This leaves one with a direct utilization of energy…a straight shot without all the hoops and excuses, etc.

Those residing in higher realms realities cannot relate to the old and outside world. In makes no sense to them. In the higher realms, we need not go around the block to get across the street. Much is pure and simple…easy and effortless…very peaceful and light. Our little ones and even those with autism know this and have had to try and exist in this old energy…I cannot imagine the challenge it must be for them.

The more time we spend in the higher realms reality, the more dis-connected we will become from the old world which is falling and still struggling with the illusions and old ways. Know that this is so. The more removed we are able to become, the more peaceful we will become as well. Yes, it is possible to maintain a state of peace and tranquility anywhere, but the ascension process is designed to create a contrast so that we will be encouraged to create a new world and leave the old behind…the old where we no longer match in vibration. Higher and lower vibrations cannot exist in the same space for very long.

So then, our store-fronts will really kick in now. As mentioned many times before, January will be the month when we will be completely anchored in. So we have some time yet to finalize all our changes. Our financial situations will greatly change and expand in January…we will be very supported with our store-fronts then. And we will most certainly be in a very new reality, as if we had been evacuated and dropped out of a helicopter into a new land (I had a dream about just that the other night!).

These energies that arrived through the 11/11 portal are truly amazing. I have never felt so much love, peace, and serenity. If you have not experienced them yet, try turning on some beautiful music and just being still. Or perhaps focusing on someone whom you love, as your love will become greatly intensified. And know, as always, that we have to go through hell to get to heaven…it is always part of the journey, but one that reaps great rewards.Just wait for the energies of December 12! And get ready to go really deep…

Apologies once again for the long interval between energy alerts. It is wonderful, as always, to be back writing again. And thank you as always, for your continued support and caring…right back at you!

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,