Thinking out of the box and making an intention

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I woke up one morning last week and there was this beautiful intention (see further on). I tried to share it with as much lightworkers as possible, but till now the persons/sites I send it to don’t respond. That’s one of the reasons why the question about having a blog triggered this blog into being.

I hope many of us will share and use this intention.

Many people wake up and want the world to be different. People wake up and see everything around them being more exposed. I love it that people wake up and that many of them feel the urge to wake up even more people. And sometimes I want to add a new view about how one can make a bigger change happening. That happened this week when I read 3 or 4 times a text of someone who really wants to do his or her best, but who uses words and views that are keeping them self and/or others smaller than we are. Someone who keeps referring to himself as being ‘not yet there’. Or someone who keeps referring to past knowledge, and with that -if I may say- you belittle yourself and the big shift that’s happening now.

The very moment you say or write that you are ‘not yet there’ you identify with the small 3D mind and person which you also could ignore and/or correct. Because you are NOT a small person, you are God incarnated in a human form and when you call yourself different then that you still believe that you are small.

But you don’t have to believe this. You may identify now with who you really are. God in human form. And when you are still a bit shy: you may say/think of yourself as a spark of God in a human form.

In our personal lives it is all about starting to think out of the box, no longer keeping yourself in the existing paradigm and stepping fully into your multidimensional being, NOW.

So when we then stop dreaming the dream that this World (3D) is real (and the only existing, and that we never/only slowly can change this), then -when we stop dreaming- the dream is over.

And the more lightworkers can do this, the higher the vibrations we can receive -and give- and the more lightworkers wake up and with all the light coming to Mother Earth the old dream can’t keep it’s hold.

So the more we all wake up out of the dream, the more we see and know that ‘reality’ as we experience it now, is only a reflexion/projection of our thoughts, beliefs and intentions. So when we intent to take full responsibility for the dream we dream and the beliefs and thoughts we have, then the new reality can quickly take form, and New Earth rises up in front of our eyes.

It is as finally you may believe you really are God. God in a Human form. And you don’t have to feel embarrassed, unworthy, to small or whatever to be God. You just may be who you are: God in a human form. And when you resonate with this: just put your intention on it.

Here the Intention I woke up with a little while ago. This intention changed my life immediately:

It is my intent to be the Pillar of Light which I have promised to be, and believed to be able to be, and for which I am here right now. It is my intention to receive the light and love from all the light beings who want to and can pass their light and love to me and through me (of course you can fill in names of lightbeings).

It is my intention as an instrument and channel to pass the light and love to Gaia, Mother Earth, and all people on Earth. In order to contribute in bringing all darkness and all low and dark energy frequencies up to the light. Around me and inside me.

It is my intention to transform all thoughts and beliefs to a high frequency level, so that my -our- pineal gland can and will secrete the substances allowing the bridge to the pituitary gland to open and by this the road opens to spirit, the I Am, also known as the Holy Spirit, the Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness or Being.

In this way I -and we- can go beyond programmed beliefs and the ego-personality and be in unity with the divine. In this way I can and we can give expression to my-our Divine Self here on Earth exactly in the way it is intended.

It is my intention to rise above all duality and to think outside the box of pre-programmed thinking. To no longer blame something outside me in duality. To no longer blame someone or something or other people in the outside world for how my life and how life in general unfolds.

It is now my intent to take responsibility for all my creations and for All of Creation. It is my intention to see that everything in this earthly life has had and has the purpose to find God in me again. I intend to embrace love, peace, silence, joy and gratitude in all my being. And to serve the Highest and Best Good of the Universe, of myself, and everyone around.

I forgive myself that previously I wasn’t able to turn around the key of the bridge to the Self. And now it is my intention as Pillar of Light to place all the dark and evil in light and love, outside me as well as inside me; and to see no more distinction and separation, because we are One.

So be it and so it is.

Bless you all, Namasté and In L’Akech