Ute Posegga-Rudel: Divine Mother – Dance Your Life, Centered in Stillness!

hello dear Friends,

See and relax in the in-closed video, it is a Beauty for Who You Are.
It brought me All the Love, may it bring You the same,

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Ute Posegga-Rudel:

Divine Mother –Dance Your Life, Centered in Stillness!

As channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel – January 04, 2013


Here I AM again, your Divine Mother!

Indeed, I AM Divine Mother of every single being, as they are emanations of Myself in different densities or vibrations.

I AM Energy, I AM Vibration, and therefore all things are My Own Form.

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Mother, That I AM, is not very much known yet by many, as they perceive their reality with the mind. But even mind is My Own Form. Also mind is Vibration. And depending on the quality of your thoughts, they are vibrating either harmonious or disharmonious!

Is it not said, that energy follows every thought?
That is because thought is the first arrow that sends its intention into the Infinite Sea of Energy, to bring about creation.

You, by being aware of the vibratory reality of your existence, are able to rise your consciousness, to ultimately reach levels of awareness, on which you experience the opening to infinity. Then, and only then, you have reached a state where your full potential begins. And it begins there, because only from then all the universes are at your command.

The Key for your journey to this level, where the Grand Opening begins, is Love. You must love All and everything, inside and outside. And you must release all that which is not Love. On this path then you have transformed everything into Love. And then there is nothing you take personally. You are merely an open vessel and conduit for My Energy and Light.

It is not possible to walk this Ascending Path without understanding, that your nature is neither static nor develops in a linear manner! But you all are called to integrate the knowing that you are, as a manifested being, nothing but Frequency.

I AM the Mother of all vibrations, I Myself AM Vibration Itself in Is Highest Form, which Is the Power of Ultimate Light. As Light carries Information, I AM also Consciousness, the Consciousness that Is your Own Very Divine Being.

When Pure Consciousness starts to dominate Vibration with Stillness, the process of creation comes to rest! And the more Vibration dominates Pure Consciousness, the more unconscious one becomes. Therefore seek balance! Dance your life, centered in Stillness!

Now, as you are on the path of a great evolutionary progress, there is much vibratory movement in your body, in your mind and in your emotions, that you can suppress no longer! You must notice and accept it.

Because this, My Movement, liquefies your world, that seems to be solid, and this happens first in yourself, and then outside yourself, the world in which you live.

Understand that My Vibrations start to move ever more Graciously through all your bodies, gross and subtle, to Shake what is stagnant and to bring your evolution about, while you release what does not serve your growth.

Should you have been too closely bound to your world of rigid thought, perceiving it from “outside” through your separating mind, you will experience that this limitation is breaking open, so that you can fill the opening gaps with your allowance, to feel whatever emotion and density comes into your awareness, to joyfully expand what is true of you, and to release what is not.

If you resist this process, holding on too tightly to your concepts of a fixed reality, the coming times will be a challenge for you, as you try to contain a river in a bowl.

You see, what is happening now is my Loving and Graceful Gift to you, to wake you up to Yourself, to the Vibrational Being That You Are.

Your world will no longer be contained in a seemingly solid frame, where over time only very little changes. As it is evolving it will be recognized increasingly as water itself that is in constant move, following the inhale and the exhale of My Divine Heart! Therefore, your world will truly start to live from inside out!

Therefore, let go of your mindful tightness. Allow to feel the nature of your own fluid body and emotion and begin to swim with all your Love and all your Trust in My ever moving Sea of Light! Not planing with the mind, but moving with Its Waves.

Even the air, you are breathing, stands not still. So why should My Very Essence in which your breath arises, not be a surging infinity! My Essence, in Which innumerous vibrational creations come to pass!

Understand that as long as you think your identity as mind merely, you hold on to a peripheral, substitute of yourself. As such you are afraid! It cannot Realize That What You Are. Because you do not Feel your heart, that ever pulsing Core of your Being, physical, ethereal and spiritual.

Therefore many are now beginning to experience how their outer shell of illusionary self-identity is breaking down, – but know My Beloved Ones, that this is no disaster, this is My Highest Blessing!

Because it loosens lovingly your grip on the illusion and draws you back and into the Real You. Your Real You, the Magnificent Being, That You Are, is the Center of all worlds and universes. In fact, all worlds and universes vibrate in and around you, and even as you, while you enjoy their constant flow.

Accept that you are both: Infinite Stillness and Infinite Vibration and Movement and Change. To master the Oceans of change, they must be recognized by you as your tools for enjoyment.

Mind can never truly enjoy. But feeling can, the Feeling of My Divine Qualities of Vibration, Movement and Change, and Bliss and Love.

As you grow, your enjoyment wants to grow, and with it your participation in the Oceans of Existence. This is Your True Home, but you cannot return to It without Me!

I AM, there, available fully to you, where You Stand at the Grand Opening to Infinity, where truly all things are possible!

But first start with your little tool of body and emotion, and recognize and honor them as My Divine Gift to you, to learn about vibration that sets you free. Continue with your greater world, that Is your Blessed Mother Earth.

She Is You, and always Is so very Dear to Me, as One of My Beloved Children. As She vibrates in Resonance with My Divine Womb, I hold Her and all of you, and every being that lives with Her, in My Great Embracing Love.

Trust the Great Divine Process, My Beloved Ones! Allow yourself to Vibrate in Me, with Me and Ultimately As Me!

I AM your Divine Mother!

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