A big step in the shift has been made

The very strange thing is that only view people realize this. For quit many something did happen on the auspicious days in December, on the 12-12th and 21-12th and on or around Christmas. But for some it was not the big shift they hoped for, wanted or even expected. So many were disappointed, many felt: you can/could say all this but what is reality? What do I see when I look around me, when I look out of the window, when I see the News, in the conventional media or on the Internet? It is all the same. Nothing seems to have changed, nothing has changed. And some turn around and don’t want to even read anything about the big shift that is happening now. Because they think it is bullshit, it is a fairy tale, another story that promised a lot of good, but when you see what is the result ….

But a beautiful thing did happen: the frequencies did go up a big, big lot! And you can tune in on the new energies very easily now because they are strongly ‘in the air’. And they give you very much, they are very, very powerful. And all you have to do is be conscious of how this New Energy works, what it can give you, what it means for you and humanity, and of course you have to tune in.


I hear some people reacting: what are you talking about? Did I miss something? How this all works then? So we go through this now: yes the energy changed magnificently and you can tune in through all forms of meditation and I recommend the kind of meditation that you can do every minute and second of the day. Alertness or being in the here and now and being conscious of how you are reacting on the world around you and all you experience personally, because when you do you can stay in this higher consciousness more easily.

I give you some simple instruction that you can use, but know that there are many ways to the 5th dimension (actually as many as there are people!).  First connect to your heart and feel the unconditional love there. Relax yourself and allow the beautiful feelings to expand and grow bigger and bigger. You may visualize and/or know that you (can) let in beautiful golden/white light (or light of any color) through your crown chakra and that this powerful (healing) energy fills your complete body, and even flows further and further and that it pours out of your skin into your aura. You can even imagine that all this light flows from you to other people and lightens them up. You can see/feel that this pure love and light makes everything in you and around you lighter (in contrast with the heavy feelings) and brighter and even more joyful and it fills you up with a sweet feeling of love. Unconditional love. Not for someone special  but for all and every one (and yes of course you also can feel this for a specific or special person).



So this is one of the ways you can tune in with the beautiful love energy that is part of the higher frequencies, part of what the 5th dimension stands for. And you can do this as often as you want. Just take the time to do it. You also can do a different routine when you like more to work with mantra’s. Just connect with your deepest knowing of who you are: you are a spiritual being incarnated (gone in ‘carne’ = flesh in French) in a human body. You as spirit have come to this 3th dimensional world and took on the special veils of this dimension, but you still are spirit. Always. And that’s your highest identification, so that is the highest frequency in thought you can connect with. I am Spirit.


You are spirit, you are light and love (because that is what spirit is), you are peace and joy and beauty. You are all these high and beautiful quality’s that you use to attribute on God, on Spirit. So you may identify with that: I am light, I am love, I am peace, I am oneness, and so on. So where ever you are: think these high truthful thoughts and lift your consciousness about who you are, and lift the frequency of thought that flows through you and experience one of the beautiful aspects of the 5th dimension: by thought we constantly create what we feel and experience. Just really do this for some time and experience the benefit of being the one who consciously thinks and who consciously identifies with who you really are. With our thinking we even create our whole life experience. We bring this world into (our) existence by our thinking. So play with it and feel the beauty that it brings you when you keep your thoughts high: you start feeling the love, peace and light which you reclaim You Are by saying: I am love, I am light, I am peace!


So that’s some theory about who or what you are, and also what you can do as a result of being part of the 5th dimension and how to put it in practice. And in this you maybe already can sense one of the traps or difficulty’s of the 5th dimension and the very one why so many people don’t really experience any difference with how life was before and even just a few weeks ago. They don’t use their thinking consciously to raise the vibration; they think tricky thoughts (‘nothing has changed’, ‘it was all bullshit that something would change’, ‘what they told was just a fairy tale’) and they see those thoughts become the truth they see around them and then conform this to be so. And that while you as a co-creator are just trapped in your own vicious circle of thinking and creating! So that’s were you have to be very alert. You have to be conscious about what you think and feel and even what the underlying and unconscious thoughts are that you carry in you. Because reality will take form according your deepest and most sincere beliefs. And in this 5th dimension it takes form immediately.


This is not an easy one for many people, but it is as it is. When you want to go on to be a 5th or higher dimensional being, and experience and live your life in the Golden Age, you really have to live and think it, and you have to leave all 3th dimensional thinking, knowledge, protocols, ideas, lies and everything else that make up the veil of the 3th dimension, behind you. All 3th dimensional frequencies -and with that all 3th dimensional truths- exist only in the veil of the 3th dimension. But they don’t completely disappear from your sight till you really leave all attachment to it behind. So it takes some de-coding or de-conditioning to come out of what has been your truth for quit some time. All you carry from this lifetime, but in your body you carry also the belief systems of many, many ages. Passed to you by the genes, habits, beliefs and culture of the parents you are born and/or raised with. Confirmed by millions and millions of people who thought about the same in many ways, and taught by a schooling system and media that only evolves as quickly as the consciousness of the mass. And it isn’t made more insightful these last years of rapid change with the dark forces controlling media, banks, schooling, science, military, medicine not for evolutionary sake but for personal gains. In contrary it all became an even bigger challenge.


In this ending the challenge for you can be stepping out of your old belief systems, by not buying the things that are taught and told you from a 3th dimensional view. By going inside and putting first things first: by raising your frequencies and thoughts, by connecting with your higher self, by taking responsibility for this all yourself, by knowing that when many people start doing this, many things can change in the outside world in quit a rapid way. The world takes form according to your beliefs. The 3th dimension is formed according to the beliefs of the mass about how life is. The mass looks most of the time to the past, and is projecting this – often added with fear – on the future. They look at the mass media, they follow mass thinking mostly out of fear. Many people walk around with big fear for death and big wishes for security. Many are longing for something better but holding on to the belief that nothing will ever change.

So when you really want to give your support to changing our world; when you really want to: You can make the difference!

You can go inside and doloveflowers the work there that you have to do. Changing your beliefs. Living the New Life and by that other people will start to see that for you something has changed and some people will follow you. And of course you have your own private mission, as mine is to write about these things and to show people this way. That’s why some of us already can feel and live these truths of the 5th dimension: we are the Wayshowers. We open the gate to a complete new way of living and keep the gate open. That’s why we are still here.

And many of us also have to go through deep pains and sorrow because by birth we have gone completely into the veils and also carry the old paradigms in all we are. We maybe understand now what’s going on, but life of the 3th dimension asks us also money for our houses, work for money, relationships that confronts us with old habitual ways of reacting and thinking, and with all kind of old beliefs that we may let go.


And when you need some help then maybe this can do something for you (choose what you like):

We better start living the joy we are and when something triggers us out of our joy we do some inquiry (see the beautiful talk of Gangaji about inquiry Gangaji: Who Are You?: The Path of Self-Inquiry (Complete) 2 hrs 21 min).

Or we do some emotional or mental release (see the nice, simple and very effective way to ease emotional issues, fear and anxiety, which Judy Satori teaches us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJcNBUwfU3U ; 2 min.)

And of course for inquiry and release also The Work of Byron Katie can help enormously.

We raise our consciousness through whatever way of meditation.


We forgive all those who we blame, and all those who don’t know who they are and what they are doing (a beautiful and helpful book can be: The Disappearence of the Universe  written by Gary R. Renard, also in Dutch translated: De Verdwijning van het Universum).

And we strengthen our faith in all we can achieve, in all the help we get from Spirit, from all Light beings and/or God.

We express our thankfulness for everything we can feel this for (I do this every night before falling asleep) and we put down our intentions for what we like to achieve, how we like to live our day, who we like to be (this gives me often beautiful feelings to start the day with).

Read more:  THE ARCTURIANS ~ LIVING YOUR HIGHEST POINT OF PERCEPTION ~ Suzanne Lie, PhD. ~ January 4th, 2013

I wish you a joyful, beautiful and very good time,

Namasté and In L’Akech,