Evolving for the big Shift

Hello dear,                                                                         

This night I woke up having horrible cramps in my lower legs. Something completely new to me, but so bad that I decided to go out of bed at 4 a.m. Thinking about facing the early morning brought me back to the change in sleeping patterns; the period that waking up at 4 a.m. and staying awake for 2 hours happened frequently; the strange physical noises and things in the head, dizziness, getting flushes, aches and pains in my back and more that passed by in 2007 and 2008, and occasionally also in 2010 and this year. Also forgetting many things; not being able to write without many mistakes; not being able to get time, date and other information right in a little note, saying strange things as well as the need to send 3-4 emails, to get out the invitation correctly for a new starting workshop.

And I had to think of the help and recognition I had -and the people around me- sharing these strange experiences and reading about it in the updates of Karen Bishop who wrote all about the different ascension symptoms at that time. So I searched this morning on the web and saw that she is giving her energy rapports again. I hope they can help you when you feel strange and wonder how come.

Also still in bed with my cramps I had to think of an article from Brenda Hofman which I read yesterday about feeling very much ‘there’ but not being surprised when this week more intense emotions would suddenly show up. I wondered whether to repost it here but choose not to and to like and share it on Facebook. But after my experience of this night I feel I do want to share it (see link).

She writes that we may feel and express what ever shows up: laughter, joy, anger and express it as a child which spontaneous shows how it feels.

Also the old personal emotions can surface which want to leave us. And much more good stuff about emotions she shared.

When I went through the article yesterday, I recognized that for me it happened just that very morning. My biggest challenge – as for many people – is the money thing. Of course I created this situation myself to get over it. I’m sure of that.

A bit more than a year ago I realized that I never could complete my ascension process when I wouldn’t let go all my deep hidden fears about ‘not having enough money’ and ‘doing it all by myself’.

I also saw then that when I want to live completely in the 5th dimension, I really had to let go all attachments, judgments, and every old 3rd dimensional thinking pattern or emotion, all including my fears. Or at least my identification with them.

So finally I could take the step to leave my old life, and my family, which already had changed so much. And this last big change works: I’m meeting my fears and transmuting them.

Who Are You…..Really? a beautiful 10 min talk on video of  Gangaji

So although most of the time I feel great, yesterday morning I started my day in bed with an intense emotional clearing meditation. Then the day went on and I felt very good again. The universe reacted straight away with offering some money-help. Maybe it was because I cleared enough of the fear, or because I clearly expressed my need to several people. Or it was the intention I made after the meditation that I create a world which is always in support of me.

It doesn’t matter. For me it is clear that thoughts, deeds and intentions are creating our reality very quickly these days. So we need to really, really be aware of what we say, and which thought and feeling is behind that. Everything in the reality as we perceive it, is a mirror to show us whether we are enjoying and loving life or not. If not then we may look inside which attachment, thought, identification still is there. We may see the judgments or old pattern to let them go, because that is what life is showing us all the time.

When something of the old energy surfaces, we can let it go and then our world will change. When we want to live in heaven on earth we can’t take our old believes and fears with us. Their energy is just too low and they keep you from really passing the dimensional border. So you will go on experiencing life as it is now.

But you are very lucky: you choose to be born now and to make advantage of the big Shift. At this moment almost all of the Cosmos is helping Gaia, Mother Earth, and us with this big change. Lots of energy is send to Mother Earth and nothing can stay in the dark. This is what you see happening around you. Finally we start seeing all the dark and ugly things that have been going on in our world for many eons. Nothing can stay behind. When the light shines on the dark it can’t stay dark. It’s all coming in the light and then it can be transformed and even transmuted.

This same process is happening in our personal lives as well as global. It has to because Mother Earth is changing in dimension. And when she transmutes we have to transmute. We can’t stay on Gaia when we have a different frequency as she has. It is the time for it. Nothing even can stop this process. It is the next step in evolution. From a human being not able to see through the veils, which most of us had to put on when we entered this incarnation, we now evolve into a being without veils. Aware of who we really are: Lightbeings, sparks of God, Co-Creators of this world and finally the I Am. God incarnated in human form.

So I hope that you are helped a bit with my sharing and insights.

Bless you all, Namasté and In L’Akech


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